1- Data controller

The data controller responsible for your personal data is Agence des Alpes morgan@agencedesalpes.com; certain technical services (accommodation, deduplication, the quality of data, customer knowledge, etc.) are entrusted to our provider (HUBDATA, 59 Avenue Jean-Jaurès - 31000 Toulouse contact@hubdata.fr SIRET no. 4992075460002).

AND Agence des Alpes Immeuble Belledonne, la Croisette, 73440 Les Menuires info@agencedesalpes.com  n° SIRET 41966218400037

AND Arkiane, 70 rue des Alliés, 38100 Grenoble, n° SIRET 39180085100043

In accordance with Article 28 of GDPR, this service provider is bound by a strict confidentiality clause that prohibits the data entrusted to them being used in any manner not set out in the service agreement and that obliges them to implement the technical and organisational measures necessary to meet security and personal data protection requirements.

2- Purpose of data processing

a. The legal basis for gathering and processing your personal data is founded on the technical and legal demands of customer and potential customer management as

set out in simplified standard no. 48 of the CNIL. The purposes are as follows: the management of contracts, orders, deliveries and bills; accounting, in particular the management of customer accounts and monitoring of the relationship: processing of operations relating to customer management;

market research campaigns (managing operational techniques for market research,

standardisation, enrichment and deduplication of data); selecting people to carry out customer loyalty campaigns; market research; surveys; product testing and promotion,; sales statistics formulation and development of customer knowledge in relation to our partner, Les Menuires Tourist Information Office, (Immeuble Belledonne | La Croisette 73440 Les Menuires - grc@lesmenuires.com)

3 - Data gathered

For processing requirements, the purposes of which are laid out in §2, the data gathered and processed includes the following: 

  • Identity: title, surname, first names, address, phone number (landline and/or mobile), fax number, e-mail addresses, date of birth, internal processing code allowing the customer to be identified 
  • Data related to methods of payment: bank account or postal account details, cheque number, card number, card expiry date;
  • Data related to the transaction such as the transaction number, details of the sale, subscription, goods, or subscribed service;
  • Family, economic and financial situation: number of household members, number and age of children, pet ownership;
  • Data related to invoice payments: payment terms, discounts granted, receipts, sales and accounts receivable
  • Data related to the selection of people to carry out customer loyalty, canvassing, survey, product testing and promotional campaigns;

4 - Data recipients

a The recipients of your personal data are our own management teams, our technical providers and our partner, Les Menuires Tourist Information Office (Immeuble Belledonne | La Croisette 73440 Les Menuires - grc@lesmenuires.com).

b Les Menuires Tourist Information Office is in charge of data qualification operations, enriching customer knowledge and managing customer relations for non-commercial purposes (practical information, news and resort events).

5 - Retention periods

  • Personal data relating to customers and collected within the framework of the purpose described in §2 is held for a period of five years beginning from the end of the commercial relationship. This period takes into account the holiday cycle observed regarding tourist numbers, which is three years.
  • Data that makes it possible to establish proof of a right or a contract or that is saved in accordance with legal obligations may be stored over a longer period and be archived in accordance with applicable provisions (particularly those laid down by the French 1Commercial Code, the French Civil Code or the French Consumer Code).
  • Personal data relating to a potential customer may be held for a period of three years from when it is gathered by the data controller or from the most recent contact made by the potential customer (such as a request for documentation)

6 - Right of access, right to object

  • In virtue of the provisions of Articles 38, 39 and 40 of the French Act of January 1978, you have a right of access, rectification and objection (for legitimate reasons) to the gathering and processing of your personal data. 
  • This right of access may be exercised by post, enclosing a copy of your photographic identification, at the following address: Agence des alpes, Immeuble Belledonne, quartier Croisette, 73440 Les Menuires + morgan@agencedesalpes.com
  • In some circumstances, the refusal to provide necessary information such as that mentioned in §3 may result in it being impossible to register you as a customer or to perform the contract for the sale of the product or service, which may in turn result in the customer being obliged to renounce that product or service..
  • Your data can be used for commercial communication and electronic communication, by e-mail or SMS, from Agence des alpes, Immeuble Belledonne, quartier Croisette, 73440 Les Menuires + morgan@agencedesalpes.com and regarding products and services similar to those that you have purchased or to which you have subscribed. In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, you have the option of consenting or objecting to receiving this type of communication when your personal data is gathered and via all appropriate media (bookings, contracts, signing up, online forms, etc.). You will also be able to exercise your right of objection afterwards by using the link provided for that purpose in the footer of each message sent.
  • Your data may be used by our partner, Les Menuires Tourist Information Office, (Immeuble Belledonne | La Croisette 73440 Les Menuires - grc@lesmenuires.com), for the purpose of sending messages by e-mail or SMS regarding news and events in the resort (newsletter). In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, you have the option of opting out of receiving these messages when entering into commercial relations or by clicking on the unsubscribe link that features in the footer of each message sent.